Collection: Winter's Veil

Introducing my 2022 - 2023 Winter collection, Winter’s Veil.

Winter’s Veil refers to the idea that winter can be harsh and brutal but it also has beauty that may be veiled within the frigid landscape. This collection seeks to unveil that beauty.

The unique design of each piece captures the harsh beauty and bleakness of the winter season. Dendritic stones, known for their unique tree-like patterns, symbolizing the starkness of winter, paired with branches, bones, and earthy copper to create a striking contrast. Small garnets and moonstones add a touch of elegance to many of the pieces, nodding to Capricorn season and the longer nights where we rely on the moon for light.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, as the natural elements used in the jewelry may vary. The collection is perfect to wear during winter or any time of the year, keeping the memories of winter close to heart, with a gentle reminder that although at times the landscape of life may be bleak, there is beauty to be found within.