The Enchanted Fungi Collection

Our newest collection, with a tale all its own, available December 12th

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  • From Megan...

    "Absolutely gorgeous!! Moths are my favorite insects and this handmade medallion (SO much bigger than just a pendant) is more pretty than just calling it beautiful! Stunning! I love it and looking forward to wearing it all the time! πŸ’— Thank you!"

  • From Lacey...

    "I absolutely love my necklace! It’s so gorgeous and well crafted. I received my order super quick and the packaging was beautiful. I would definitely order from this shop again. Incredible work."

  • From David...

    "This is a gorgeous piece! I am so excited to own it. It came beautifully and lovely packaged. Even more beautiful in person then in the photographs. I love it!"

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What is Moonmoss?

Moonmoss is the awe, appreciation, and curiosity of nature and fantasy realized in wearable art. It is the sound of the wind whispering through the trees, the feeling of moss on fingertips, and the beckoning of the forest spirits, woven into dark whimsy. All Moonmoss pieces are handmade by Ren and each piece is unique due to the method in which they are created.

Our jewelry has been described as "the magic you felt as a child, come alive in art form." We seek to harness that magical feeling in every piece that we create.

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