A Glimpse into the Strange and Mysterious Mind Behind the Art

blue haired tattooed female with glasses

Hi, I'm Ren, the moss-boss. I make up 95% of Moonmoss. (The other 5% is my partner, Mike.) 

I grew up in the woods of western Tennessee, surrounded by nature's beauty and mystery. It's no surprise that it continues to inspire my dark art to this day. My early adulthood found me moving to New England, then joining the US Navy as a result of a weird quarter-life crisis that then took me to San Diego for several years. Post-Navy life is strange, but freeing. I started Moonmoss right as the pandemic hit in 2020, when I was doing college from the confines of my tiny SoCal apartment.

My inspiration for my creations comes from the things that I enjoy most in life: nature, fantasy, and occultism. Basically I just create things that I like, and put them out into the world with the hopes that they will resonate with someone, somewhere.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my creations. 

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