Questions & Answers

How do I take care of my copper electroformed jewelry?

Although I take care to seal most copper items to protect from tarnish and oxidation, due to the nature of copper, your item will likely patina over time and/or the sealant will wear off.

You may slow the natural oxidation process and the degradation of the sealant by:

  • keeping your jewelry dry (away from water, sweat, etc.)
  • wearing on clean skin that does not have lotion or other products.
Unfortunately, I cannot make guarantees on how long the sealant will last, as each wearer's body chemistry and length of wear of the item will vary.
Copper electroformed jewelry may be more brittle/weaker than other copper jewelry, so extra care should be taken to avoid dropping, etc. 

How is it made?

Most Moonmoss jewelry pieces are created using copper electroforming. By using an acidic solution and electricity, I have formed copper on the piece to create the jewelry. The copper grows almost unpredictably at times, creating different textures on the piece, so each piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. 

Copper electroforming allows me to preserve elements from the natural world, such as samaras, acorns, and pinecones, as well as bring non-natural elements into wearable jewelry art, such as 3D printed resin objects, plastic bits, and metal pieces.

When using organics in my pieces, they are sustainably and ethically sourced. Shells and bones are gathered after the life form has passed from them (naturally) and flora / greenery are gathered from the ground or from garden trimmings, when possible.

Do you take custom requests?

If you are interested in a custom piece, please feel free to contact me with your idea. Some important things to note:

  • I will not remake a piece identical to something you have seen from another artist. If you are inspired by something you've seen elsewhere, we can work on something unique for you, but I will not copy another artist's work.

  • It can be difficult to achieve an exact ring size when electroforming. If you would like a custom ring, I will do my best to achieve the perfect size for you, but the results of electroforming can, at times, be somewhat unpredictable.

  • If you want a specific type of gemstone that I do not have in stock, acquiring the gemstone takes time, and I will not be able to start work on your piece until the gemstone has been received.

  • I generally do not charge for a custom piece upfront, however, I do require payment within one week from completion of the custom. After that time, the piece will be put into my shop for any buyer to purchase, and I own the rights to sell it as I please.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, due to being such a small business, I do not typically accept returns. It is your responsibility to read the item's description, the FAQs, and ask any questions prior to purchasing. If, however, you feel that the item was grossly misrepresented, please contact me to find a solution. In the event that an item will be returned, you will be responsible for paying for return shipping, and only after the item has been received will a refund be applied.

What do I do if I have a shipping issue?

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the shipping address is correct at checkout. Each package will include shipping insurance; should your package be lost, damaged, etc. please contact me and we will work together to remedy the issue.