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Enchanted Fungi No. 4

Enchanted Fungi No. 4

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In the heart of a long-forgotten forest, there exists a hidden realm unknown to most modern folk. Legend speaks of a mystical collection of jewelry crafted from the very essence of the woodland itself... 

For the rest of the story behind The Enchanted Fungi Collection, click here.

A mushroom piece created with a real acorn, amethyst, and some hand-sculpting with clay, all electroformed in copper.

This piece is one-of-a-kind. 

Specifications for this piece:
Stone: Amethyst
Chain: 29" gunmetal steel rolo
Closure: none
Width: 1.24"
Length: 1.88"

Shipping Information

Most orders are fulfilled within 2 business days and ship within one week of payment.*

If a delay in fulfillment or shipping occurs, you will be notified as soon as reasonably possible and given the option to cancel.

*Exception: made-to-order or preorders.

Jewelry Care

Although most copper items have been sealed to protect from tarnish and oxidation, due to the nature of copper, your item will likely patina over time and/or the sealant will wear off.

You may slow the natural oxidation process and the degradation of the sealant by:

  • keeping your jewelry dry (away from water, sweat, etc.)
  • wearing on clean skin that does not have lotion or other products.

Unfortunately, no guarantees can be made on how long the sealant will last, as each wearer's body chemistry and length of wear of the item will vary. Copper electroformed jewelry may be more brittle/weaker than other copper jewelry, so extra care should be taken to avoid dropping, wearing during laborious activities, etc. 

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